About Us

In 1951, Paul G. Blankenship, a successful photographer in Nashville, Tennessee, and the father of four small children, decided to go to law school. He enrolled in the Nashville School of Law and graduated four years later with a Doctor of Jurisprudence. He set up his office at 3311 Gallatin Road, Nashville, Tennessee, and began to provide legal services to many of the residents and businesses of Inglewood, a neighborhood in east Nashville. In 1962, he was elected the first Metropolitan Councilman for the 9th Civil District of Metropolitan Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, and he served faithfully in this capacity until his death in 1990.

In 1973, his son, John T. Blankenship, entered  law school at the University of Tennessee and graduated in 1977. He returned to Nashville after graduation to join his father in the practice of law. In January 1979, John married Patricia Blankenship, whom he had met in law school at the University of Tennessee, and she joined the firm as an attorney as well. In 1981, John and Pat moved their growing family and their law practice to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The firm evolved rather quickly into a general civil practice with an emphasis on business law, construction law, and alternative dispute resolution. Pat developed an office practice emphasizing estate planning, probate and business law, while John became greatly involved in construction law issues, as well as in arbitration and mediation in the construction industry. Pat taught Business Law at Middle Tennessee State University for many years and taught full time from 2004-2007, while maintaining a presence in the firm.  She has also taught Business Law at her alma mater, The University of Tennessee at Martin.

In 1999, Richard F. LaRoche, Sr., a well-respected and elder statesman of the Rutherford County Bar, joined the practice “of counsel” and maintained a thriving full-time office practice writing wills, probating estates, and forming and advising small businesses. Mr. LaRoche was an integral and beloved addition to the firm. He continued to practice until his untimely death in 2007.

In 2007, the firm experienced a great deal of growth. The firm  moved into a new building at 307 Hickerson Drive in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This new building was and is large enough to accommodate not only additional attorneys, but arbitration and mediation conference rooms for John’s growing alternative dispute resolution practice.

Mary Beth Hagan joined the firm as an associate in January 2008 after practicing for five years in a major law firm in Nashville, Tennessee, where her practice consisted primarily of representing clients in the construction industry. By January 2010, Mary Beth had proven herself so valuable to the firm that she was voted into the firm as a member, at which time the firm was renamed Blankenship, Blankenship & Hagan, PLLC. Mary Beth spent the next two years engaged in advising and representing clients in all aspects of the construction industry, as well as advising small to medium sized businesses, and handling various other litigation matters.  In August, 2011, a new associate, Joshua A. Jenkins, joined the firm to assist Mary Beth with her litigation practice and to grow his own litigation practice in the area of construction law.  Josh is a Murfreesboro native, and his family has been in the construction industry for many years.

In June, 2012, the members chose to dissolve the PLLC and move in different directions.  John chose to focus on his ADR practice and his major construction clients; Pat chose to retire from the practice and focus on her first love, the arts; and Mary Beth and Josh chose to move their practices  to Murfreesboro’s historic square and move forward to grow their practice and their firm.  Both John and Pat continue to refer construction litigation clients to Mary Beth and Josh.

John is currently serving as in house counsel for Construction Enterprises, Inc. a Franklin, Tennessee general contractor, and maintains a robust, national arbitration and mediation practice, focusing primarily on the resolution of construction disputes.  Pat manages the family businesses and teaches yoga at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro.

Blankenship &  Blankenship cherishes its history and strives to continue in a way that honors that heritage. We know that our clients and the parties to each arbitration and mediation rely on us to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and dedicated to the process of achieving justice and resolution. We take this seriously and are honored to be a part of that process.